Rates and Services  
2018 Season  
Daily 25. (3. per day for shore power).
Weekly 160.
22. /ft.
Season   (May 15 - Columbus Day) 60. /ft.
Shore power 180.
Wave Runners - season 150. Dockage customers
  260. Non-dockage customers
  or 55. per week
Dock Rental Agreement - Call first to check availability  
Trailer Storage  
Daily 15.
Weekly 55.
Monthly 80.
Season 150.
Winter Storage  
Outside (uncovered) 250.
Shrink wrap12. /foot for pontoons and motor boats up to 24'
14. /foot for boats over 24' and cabin cruisers
Winterize engine  
Winterization includes: Add fuel stabilizer to fuel and run through engine, run engine on portable tank containing winterization mix, fog engine with rust preventative, remove spark plugs and inject oil into cylinders, change engine oil and filter, drain water from cooling system and fill with propylene glycol antifreeze, drain and refill lower unit or outdrive lube, grease all engine grease fittings (the services from this list that are appropriate for your engine type will be performed).  
2 Cycle Outboard  
  Carbureted 95.
  EFI 120.
4 Cycle Outboard  
  Carbureted 130.
  EFI 175.
  Carbureted 175.
  EFI 205.
Boat Rentals  
See our Boat Rental page for more information  


Launch Ramp (4 w.d. vehicle required) 10. per use (launch or take out)
We launch or take out your boat  40. (pickup or delivery extra)

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